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There’s a cave underneath me…

Canal D’Amour

Legend has it, that couples who swim from one side of the canal to the other, will stay together forever. We did a couple laps just to be safe! There’s hope for the singles too, as another legend states that if you swim through the canal, you will lock eyes with your true love on the other side.

There are also a lot of great spots for jumping off the rocks into the water. Some tame heights (Gabby approved), or if you’re like Tom and want to find the highest possible jump, Canal D’Amour will tickle your fancy too. Or just chillax on the little beach!

Doin’ laps for love.


I had about twenty-seven heart attacks on the drive to Porto-Timoni. Very winding, cliff side, single lane roads which apparently accommodate traffic in both directions. I was really hoping this place lived up to the pictures I had seen! We eventually made it (in one piece), and began the trek downhill, following signs to the beach. It’s not the smoothest track down (we wore thongs (flip flops), although more hiking appropriate shoes might have been an idea), but the views are great!

Views along the trail to Porto Timoni.

We made it to the last part of the track where we could see a good viewpoint. I knew then that this was all very worth it. There they were, two perfect beaches sitting back to back, surrounded by gorgeous green mountainside. The water was stunning. So clear, we could see all the rocks and coral of the seabed. We aimed for the bluer of the two beaches and joined the few others enjoying its serenity. We spent a long time in the water, with the rocks providing spots for us to catch our breath every few metres (even I could reach with my short legs), we were able to do a fair amount of exploring. We even found a starfish! This place is heaven. Legit.

Yep, this is real life.

Blue Grotta

When we saw this place had a diving board into the sea, we knew we had to go there. If a bar nestled in the cliff side by the sea doesn’t spell fun, then I must be a terrible speller and my mum would be quite upset. Blue Grotta is gorgeous; with its turquoise water and tall rock islands. It’s the perfect spot to spend the day. Jump in the water, or better yet, dive in! Once you’ve had a dip, it’ll be about time to wet your whistle. We grabbed a spot on the bar stools facing the water so we could watch all the action. A couple of locals were providing fantastic entertainment, finding the highest and most unusual spots to jump off. We couldn’t quite decide if they yelled out right before they jumped as a warning, or as more of a war cry, but it was quite funny seeing people duck in alarm as the men dived over their heads from the above balconies.

I was never any good at diving; luckily cannonballs were accepted.

Corfu Town

We went to Corfu Town on a mission. Find the beautiful staircase. A seemingly simple task, but I really didn’t have any idea where it was. Apparently neither did any of the locals that I asked, not even the man behind the tourist counter. My research had told me in was in Corfu Town, and further digging concluded it was near Saint Michael & Saint George Palace. So we found a park as close to there as we could and started booking over the sides of the high streets for the staircase. While the tourist desk attendant didn’t know where it was, he did give us a clue to its location. He deduced that in the background of the Internet picture I had shown him, there was the Old Fortress. Eventually we backtracked to a garden area we had overlooked, that gave us the same view of the Old Fortress. And that’s where we found it. So we put away our magnifying glasses and trench coats, and pulled out our cameras.

We found you!

Accommodation & Food

Our home base was Sidari. We stayed at Angelica’s Backpackers, which was a little walk from town. The beds were basic, but we paid about AU$20 a night (Hostelworld) and Angelica was really helpful, so overall a good stay. While Sidari wasn’t the most picturesque beach spot, you could hire sun beds for the day, or be a bit more adventurous and hire a boat or go parasailing. There were plenty of food options, with many places offering a €3 breakfast. We found the Palazzo Bar English breakfast to be extra yummy, it was just something about the bacon. We also ate at Kavvadias; where I had a decent Moussaka and Tom got the mixed grill, and went to Capriccio for the four cheese pasta. For a nicer dinner setting we drove to Roda and ate at several restaurants down a unamed road along the beach. We ate souvlaki at New Port, chicken enchiladas at Skouna Café and got Ben and Jerry’s cones from Yummies Sandwich Bar.

Sunsets and ice cream…

If you happen to be driving south along the highway to Corfu Town, do yourself a favour and stop at Di Post Street Café for a cappuccino. We were severely decaffeinated on our long drive from Sidari, so when we got a red light outside this coffee shop, we could hardly believe our eyes. Coffee shops with real espresso machines aren’t easy to come by in Corfu.

When you reach Corfu Town, you will have plenty of choices for lunch, however we were drawn to Movpajia by its €9.90 three course menu. The Greek salad, souvlaki and Mosaiko (chocolate and biscuit slice) were a great combo.

Corfu, we love you! xo

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